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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Not only money

Not only money and power he held it.He surrounded himself Philo sofas and artists, scientists and sculptors and often led to them talk about the Beauty of the World about the Greatness of Man!In such a mine you he was transformed and became beautiful, his eyes Shine were the mind and it was sweet and wise.Therefore, he called his friends Gorgeous Lorenzo Gorgeous!Here I have a question is ripe and So, man is endowed str the ability to create himself?specified Yaks.

Beam better

But some rules and restrictions to comply with all you need.Juices are introduced before lures.Many doctors consider them as a preparation for future lures.Juice can be given, starting from months.Beam better just to do it after feeding.When the baby on they drank milk from a horn or from his mother's breast, Sug the residents of his juice.You can use the purchase juices and better special child or to prepare them independently but.In the first case, note the marked children of any age is permissible to give this product.

As difficulties

There are two ways to help the child to cope with a creative task to reconsider it to add a reality, or to teach to solve that Kia of a task.As difficulties with free tasks become the most obvious during homework performance, important to talk to the teacher that he understood, it is how difficult for re benka quite often problems are shown more brightly than the house, but not at school and why it is necessary to introduce certain amendments.Ways of a specification of free tasks Discuss a task with the child help it to begin or a program cook each step, are nearby while it works.

Meat to wash

Fats creamy and vegetable oil are used only for cookings.Sweet dishes are replaced with fruit.In food carbohydrates, mainly sweet and flour are limited.RECIPES OF PREPARATION OF DISHES FOR CHILDREN WITH OBESITY First courses Soups vegetable, krupyany, on water, weak meat and fish are recommended broths, milk soups.Soup meat Meat lowfat g, onion pieces, carrots pieces, oatflakes tablespoon.Meat to wash up, cut and weld to readiness.To fill up grain.To add the chopped carrots and onions to cook to readiness.

GSH Throw

Than it is more water depth, the is more pressure.Davleni I eat force pressing on certain is called plane.GSH <

To put cream

Carrot puree Carrots g, butter h.a spoon, sugar h.a spoon, salt on to taste.Carrots to clear, chop, put in a pan, to fill in small amount of water to put sugar and butter, to cover and extinguish to softness.To wipe ready carrots through a sieve, to salt, add sauce and to warm up on a plate of minutes.To put cream in ready carrots.Carrots cutlets Carrots g, white loaf g, butter h.a spoon, sugar h.spoons, milk glasses, egg pieces, salt to taste.

The dominant

To read them you child ku whole day from Wake to sleep.Grandma on rollers From to years.Book smile, the TIR joy.The whole family on rollers it's great!It's not a matter videos the thing is, in General, that happily together as a family we live!Excellent afirmatsiya handy for life!Poems from the section Leapfrog a kind of game.the dominant logical thinking.Preface This book is a guide written for zabuli o parents.It will provide you with invaluable assistance, if in the family got sick child .

Glycemic the index

Glycemic the index depends from character of the soakedup carbohydrates the glycemic index GI digestible carbohydrates simple sugars is higher, than the hardly acquired the polysaccharides containing food fibers; contents in them food fibers, their quantity and quality; a physical form of a product GI of fruit puree is higher, than whole fruit; a way of culinary processing so, GI of boiled potatoes is higher, than fried; duration and intervals of meal than the interval is longer time for which the food is eaten, are less actively soaked up by that carbohydrates.

Arkady turned

Suddenly over his the ear has heard otherwise mosquito whine.Arkady turned to log into a tube and tried to SWAT a mosquito.First blows with a crash fell on the bed.Then Arkady began to drum magazine for the curtains and paintings.Soon when was turn on the TV.However, little gnat went on to fly room.Running after a mosquito, enraged Arkady broke a vase and so knocked over a lamp.Exhausted, Arkady sat down in an armchair and closed his eyes.Next he heard a nasty mosquito squeak.OPEN GATE In the morning my mom asked me Egor be watered garden.


Emotionally expressive speech function of arbitrary on and understood.The purposeful development of the emotional sphere Polo positive impact on speech and cognitive development the party, on the development of social communication skills, consequently, on the condition of speech.Depicts emotions, imitate them.Develop a vocabulary related to emotional the sphere.Develop facial movement.Encourage the development of emotions in a productive worker activities game, engineering, employment, etc.

If we are able

Work over one skill mi quite often positively influences and others.If we are able to help PART I.CAPABLE, BUT SCATTERED Jeremy to be more flexible in difficult situations, eventually he will learn and to operate the emotions more effectively.And if we we will be able to develop Jason's ability to start performance uto mitelny tasks at once, it will have more time or forces and on their performance.Use of the estimated scales for definition of the strong and weaknesses of the child You know about organizational skills already enough and can to describe strong and weaknesses of the child quite precisely.

Help to disassemble

I'm confused again.Help to disassemble Dalmatian dozed in the gazebo, The man sat on a branch, Sparrow meanwhile loud barking at the neighbor.DIFFICULTY LEVEL THE CORRECT PHRASE, STORIES COMPILED To make proposals for a specific the words, then combine them into a fabulous history Tory called Fox and a jug.Fox, find, pitcher, bushes Jug, stay, sour cream Fox, get, head, narrow neck Head, stuck, pitcher Fox, scream, and run It, to try, to break, pitcher Jug, not letting go, Fox Fox, running, river, flushing, pitcher Jug, sink, together Fox ITALIE TALES WITH NEW CHARACTERS To recall a familiar fairy tale Three pig, Kolobok, Thumbelina, the Crow and cancer.

In such cases

To to the same intestines of the child are irritated with products of not completely digested peep, and it causes swelling and internal inflammatory processes colitis.Suffers at dysbacteriosis not only a large intestine.Often harmful flora extends up and reaches a small intestine, in which also there is an inflammation.In such cases it is already completely broken digestion and absorption of food.At the little or very weakened children harmful bacteria occupy as well urinary tract, causing their infection.

Where Finch? I asked

It was bullfinch.Snegiri love cold, that their tummies bright red cheeks as children who walking in the cold, explained the young man and gave me the bird.I was happy in my house there lived the most beautiful bird in light.Ended winter, was spring, came the hot summer.One day, returning home from a walk, I saw that the door in the cage is open, and inside is empty.Where Finch?I asked my mother.Gone sadly said mother, he really heat to summer, he could get, because I let him loose.

To boil to semireadiness

To put in an oven on minutes.Garnish mashed potatoes, stewed vegetables.Hedgehogs meatballs To prepare mincemeat, as in the previous recipe, but without roll.To boil to semireadiness of tablespoons of the washedout rice to cast away on a sieve, if necessary to obdat cold water.To dry, add rice to mincemeat, to salt.To create round meatballs and slightly to fry on vegetable oil.To lay out ready meatballs on a frying pan, to add a small amount of water and to extinguish to readiness.

Select interest

Naturally, the child, the men is younger she sacks it should survey.OLLEKTION TKANEY In each house, for certain, there will be a box or a package where lie small or pain shy rags of fabrics just in case to sew or, at the worst, to put a tack patches ku.And if the hostess of the house likes to sew, at her there will be a big collection of different fabrics of all flowers and types.Consider the granaries.Select interest ny by sight and fabrics different to the touch.Let one there will be with large drawing, others with small, the third monophonic.

If we begin

Galileo Galilei observed swings of a chandelier, is hung up ache to a ceiling, and opened laws of a pendulum.In intellectual area simplicity and freedom the person from prejudices is conducted to opening of the new phenomena and laws, as in the field of the moral humility and poverty clarify soul of the believer.If we begin to study history of opening, we will be convinced that of them is the cornerstone quite objek tivny supervision and logical thought things simple, but seldom meeting in people.Not it was natural, for example, after opening by Laveran of the malarial parasite who is found in red blood little bodies and we well know from anatomy that the blood system is the texture of the closed vessels in general to suspect possibility of that the stinging insect imparts a parasite?

Potato fritters

To put to rise.When dough will rise, to make its glasses of boiled water, to pour in tablespoons of the vegetable oils, carefully to stir and leave for minutes.To bake on the hot to the frying pan oiled.Potato fritters crude potatoes to clear and pass via the meat grinder or to rub on to small grater.To merge juice, to add a little flour, a crude yolk, salt, quickly to stir.It is desirable to bake on a frying pan, using a small amount oils.It is also possible to prepare vegetable marrows, pumpkin fritter, cabbage.

To put pilaf

To add small chopped and slightly fried onions, tomato mashed potatoes to salt and flow still ml of water.To cook, stirring slowly, before solidification, and then, having closed a cover.To put pilaf in an oven for minutes.Chicken or turkey cutlets Chicken g, white bread g, butter h.spoons, milk tablespoons, salt to taste.From a loin of a leg of chicken or a turkey to skin, remove sinews.To cut on small slices, to pass via the meat grinder together with the soaked bread to salt.


After day for days the incubation period of tickborne encephalitis pre preparations to enter is not recommended because it can increase the weight of the disease.Meningococcal infection Children aged from months to years no later than days after exposure to the Protocol sulking introduction of immunoglobulin once.Speakers of the source of infection spend chemoprophylaxis ampicillin for days, and in closed groups adult the idea behind Rifampicin.Abroad adopted prevention Rifampicin within days all children who have close contact with patients.

To cook to readiness. To enter

To scald raisin

Baked pudding rice with cottage cheese Rice glass, water glass, raisin tablespoon, cottage cheese tablespoons, egg pieces, butter h.a spoon, sour cream tablespoon, salt, sugar, vanillin to taste.To weld rice.To scald raisin boiled water and to add to rice.To wipe cottage cheese through sieve.To shake up egg with cottage cheese.Carefully to mix cottage cheese, egg, vanillin with rice.A frying pan to oil, strew with crackers, to lay out rice.To grease sour cream and to bake to a ruddy crust.

Earlier it was honey, and now it is completely

I'll help you.You need a pot.I have a free pot.I gave it to my friend Winnie the Pooh.Earlier it was honey, and now it is completely empty.I gave it to blame, and I give it to you.Owl solemnly handed Belokhvostik the pot and on farewell said Remember!If you start to shit in the pot, your the tail will be white, and the legs will always be clean.Two days passed, and Belokhvostik for the first time took the pot.He laughed and jumped for joy.

Say you have

On the third day, let's dessert spoon, the fourth two.Second complementary foods are introduced in a month after the first first.Say you have started to implement the first lure April , then the second complementary foods are beginning to enter on may.The month is the minimum interval.In against there is a risk that the digestive tract mA Lisa will be unable to handle this load.Second complementary foods should be different from the first to the the nature of the product.If you are the first was introduced vegetables, now you need to add cereal.

The skills

Give them names with audio L Mila and Glory.Divide between children pictures of Annex as you see required.Speak the resulting combination of words times.For example Mila Bathrobe beets, fork, strawberry.Slava chalk pin, table, chair.Consolidation pronunciation audio L in the words of various syllabic structure.The skills of sound syllabic analysis Display pictures of Annex and syllabic trailers of Prilozheniya.Speak all the words, separating them into syllables.Count the number of syllables in each the word, placing a hand under the lower jaw.

As feeding

At excess of milk at mother the child chokes when swallowing.In this case use of an alternative pose for feeding for example, mother is possible lies on a back, the child is from above.As feeding comes to an end.The child falls asleep at a breast, looks happy, or mother takes away the child from breasts during a pause.It should be noted the feeding duration that is important in a case too shortterm less than minutes and long more than half an hour feedings.Condition of mammary glands after feeding during feeding it is necessary to pay attention to signs of active action of oxytocin an effluence milk from other gland, existence of uterine pains during feeding at women in childbirth.

Juice possesses

Cucumber juice good diuretic and poslablyayushchy means.It renders favorable action on function of heart, strengthens walls of vessels, as contains potassium to %.Juice is shown at heavy physical activities for prevention of an overstrain of a myocardium.Ability of cucumber juice is known to increase appetite, to keep freshness and a tone of skin.Juice possesses the calming action, favorably influences nervous system.In days can be used to ml of pure cucumber juice.

Says an adult

The development of a sense of rhyme After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic rusalki.Says an adult child Says Under the grouse mountain ash, the sample the sample the sample, the sample the sample the sample.On the polecat attacked sickness and or or or and or or or.Eyebrows Varya is not gloom, of Uriam of Uriam of Uriam, Uriam of Uriam of Uriam.Broad earth Siberia, IR IR IR, IR IR IR.In the picture a beast of Ari Ari Ari, Ari Ari Ari.In the river floats gudgeon, the sample the sample the sample, the sample the sample the sample.

It runs along

Entrance, Fox, the times It is not let In the house you!B.Zakhoder SKRUT Who lives beneath the ceiling?Dwarf.He has a beard?Yes.And Dickey, and vest?No.As he gets up in the morning?Itself.It runs along the roofs?The mouse.His morning coffee drinking?The cat.And long ago he lives there?Year.Well, what's his name?Skrut.He is naughty?Yes?Neither when!

It is possible

It is possible to display toys ware, tools, other things on boxes.It is possible a grade to rovat chessmen, the dried leaves of trees pasted on a small sheet of paper and stuck from above with an adhesive tape or something another, interesting to your child.ALBUMS When the child starts learning to read, parents have a question, and that he will read?Where to take books for the little reader?With a large shrif the volume, and was written by bright pictures moreover that also the text was a little it on warehouses.

Asses all day looked

Here's fun!thought Senya.Asses all day looked askance at hazardous chair one eye I Wonder who's on it sit down?Watching, watching Senya, no one in his chair sits down.Strange he was.And on another day Senya forgot about the broken chair and he plopped down on him with all power!The chair collapsed, and Senya was on the floor.Senya wanted behavior to settle here and have fun!.DISCERNMENT SOUNDS WITH CAMPING ON HEARING Sounds CAMPING child usually CME chivaet not in pronunciation, but only at the hearing instead of words hay, sledges, soup it is extremely rare to hear Sano, syanki, syup.

To take

spoons, carrots the boiled slice, lemon juice h.a spoon, salt, sugar to taste.To cook eggs in abrupt, to clear, cut off the thick ends.To take out yolks, to wipe them through a sieve together with sour cream.To add salt, sugar, lemon and to fill juice, tomato puree with this mix of egg.To put them on a plate stuffing down.To cut out ears from carrots and to thrust in the top part of egg.To make eyes of small slices of a crust of black bread, of carrots a mouth and tail.To lay lettuce leaves on a plate and to put on them hares.

Let your

Give the kid a machine with remote control tion!Put the remote in the hand of a child and press his PAL team on the button.Let your child will feel that he manages Masha Noah.Connect to an occasional game ask the child to edit machine in one direction or another.Game develops fine motor skills, imagination, mind of orientation in space, attention.Play in classes Draw on the asphalt classes of the five cells and about number them.Show your baby how to throw a bat.

When necessary

No runny nose, and nasal breathing is difficult.Lingering cold, which is difficult treatment.When necessary medical assistance Adenoids chronic disease and Neot false medical assistance is not requested.Folk remedies for treatment of adenoids In severe exacerbations , when the child difficult breathing , help and naphazoline other vasodilator .For about the l e g h e n I d s I s a n I C h K a p t th t p o p o l p and p e t to and in each nostril children up to five years and a pipette those who are more than five let PART I.


MAXIM IN THE FOREST HISTORY NAOBOROT Carefully examine the picture on which all history is presented on the contrary from the end to the beginning.To determine the correct order of pictures, that is what the first thing was that Tom and that at the very end.In detail, fully connected to tell a story about a boy who instead of a backpack came to school, meatbone.RELIABLE ASSISTANT CAMERE PICTURES To consider the pictures that show one and the same person a little the girl, the girl, a student, a teacher.Tell us how and why the girl was a teacher.

And day which

Can write in addition date with letters and figures from a magnetic az beeches directly on the refrigerator.Tell that day which came, except name Tuesday, sub boat., has also the name today.And day which came to an end, called yesterday and so on.Well, and day which will come, is called tomorrow.Tell Chereznekotory time that such the day before yesterday and the day after tomorrow, and train tes to define, what day of week was the day before yesterday or will come tomorrow.

Adhere to the description

Adhere to the description of a way of correction of behavior, which we discussed in part I.In each case we describe changes to a sra dy, sequence of training in skill and incentives which will help to the child to fix his use.Do not forget about recommendations from chapter they will increase probability of success, if skill of a delay re actions it is badly developed both at you, and at the child.Development of skill of a delay of reaction in everyday life .Always consider that small children practically cannot to control the impulses.

Two. three, four, five. It is good

Ledum with

Mix tbsp.Ledum with Cup sunflower oil and boil the mixture on water bath minutes, then cool and strain.Bury to drops of to times in the day.Take inhalation a handful of flowers ro Maski, crushed peppermint leaf and sage pour l of boiling water and let on as the leader, then add hot water, bringing the volume of liquid to L.Put the baby so so he could breathe vapour above the bowl , cover his head with a large Terry on lotensin and make sure that he breathed in pairs on alternating the nose and mouth .Duration procedure to minutes.

A large

Parents begin to seek the way out in special and popular science medical and psycho logical literature.A large number of professional different terms, tests, examples plunges them into a confused face, anxiety and despair.How to navigate the special social words, the abundance of examples, mass recommendations, inag Yes similar to each other?In this situation, of course, work but not to be captured confusion when all seems from treats her child, it was essential Stalin and necessary.

Ma lysh has to understand

Try it to make, for certain it will be pleasant to your kid.Of course, at first, you will push cylinders in openings, but the kid will learn to do everything without your participation soon.Only not subska to zyvayta to it, do not say that this cylinder is not suitable for this hole.Ma lysh has to understand itself that small cylinders get into any opening, and the big only in big.Very interesting, but very difficult toy a moneybox with coins.In roofs ke boxes from Viol cheese or banks from coffee with a plastic cover, to nechno, but not with tin accurately make a cut a sharp knife.

Well, a direct

Of course, there are unpleasant cases when the doctor for one reason or another can brush off your problems or will impose on you any product one brand.Well, a direct interaction between Camena breast milk artificial mixtures manufacturers and doctors is not only Russian.But agree that the majority of pediatricians honestly doing their job, and if you for some reasons not to trust your doctor, you have the right to choose another, more competent and responsible specialist here will give you advice of friends and EIT Komech, forums on the Internet and other sources in formation .

Are recommended

concern to them.Are recommended soups vegetable, krupyany, dairy, fruit; boiled meat and fish; vegetables the fresh, wiped mashed potatoes from them; salads, vinaigrettes; products from fresh dough; milk and dairy products; oil the creamy, unsalted vegetable; eggs; fruit, berries crude and boiled, juice from them.Are not recommended broths meat, fish; fat grades of meat and fish; canned food; smoked products, spices, spices, hot spices; pickles; spinach, sorrel, radish, garlic; mushrooms; fried dishes.

For goat milk, which

Packing baby milk is also convenient, it is Packed in small volumes mu packages that you can take with you on the road.For goat milk, which give weakened de children, as well as milk intolerance, dei owing to the same recommendations raw milk should boiling notice, and even better to buy it in the shops, the benefit is appeared several options goat milk as foreign and domestic manufacturers.Buy wisely!Baby growing up, growing needs.Select lures What to do if the child cannot drink milk or intolerance If your baby is categorically refuses the light jego milk, spits it and shouts, to force him it is not necessary.


Otherwise, you can firmly close the drink improper pronunciation.Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R in the same syllables with reference sounds Forth and So the Development of a sense of rhyme Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyming.Add the matching to rhyme the same number of syllables with the first sounds of the D or T DRA, other, tro, format.Says an adult child Says On the track two buckets, DRA DRA DRA, the DRA DRA DRA.I have another bucket, draw draw draw draw draw draw.

– Give to the child

Fine incentive to work!One more option Let's rely as you think, how many details of the designer roll on a floor in a bedroom?I put on and you?The list of other effective ways is given below.– Give to the child a task to find things in a minute.– Plan time for fast cleaning.One our acquaintance the teacher arranges minute fast cleaning, that pupils helped it to put the cool room in order.After that they can play within minutes.– Turn cleaning of the room into game it seems musical Stu lyev.

Then he will

You will be able to esteem or go about the own business, your child so far performs homeworks.Then he will not distract and will spend time is more productive.Increase time of deduction of attention gradually.Define those, what is the time the child can perform housework, house the task or other duties before will be required to it a break, also use it as a starting point.As soon as you establish whether norm, start the timer for – minutes more long and put before the child a task to work, the signal will not sound yet.Use the timer in the form of desktop, a watch or computer program.

I well remember

I well remember the facts, dates and details .I well remember in what took part .I seldom need reminders for performance of tasks Your general point .In operating time I seldom give vent to emotions .Trifles do not influence my mood and do not distract me from work in which I am engaged .I can forget about the feelings until work is finished Your general point .I consider that any work needs to be begun as soon as possible .Prokrastination most often not a problem for me .

Articles, tips, reviews

Diary of joy and gratitude practical part of our program.Articles, tips, reviews and more.Join us!Grow with us!Dear Parents!Just You form the world today and the future of their a child.Wish it was wonderful, joyful and successful?It will if You so desire and will be able to pass this assurance your child.And Mama Volume will help You in this important affair!A good book is an inspirational book!Dear parents and mentors In your hands a unique book.In Tales of the wise Buki it was about the fact that people living consciously, can be the Creator of his own life.

It is easy

When the child considers better, make to it one, two, three, four and five points, and on one side zero propustikhod.If your child still is not able to consider at all and does not understand the principle of the account, draw multicolored circles on lines alternate one by one five primary colors blue, red, yellow, to the zela ny, brown, and on a cube make five color sides and one be To Lui pass the course.It is easy to make a cube of a cardboard.That it it is good rode, fill it with the cut paper.

The teenager

Under the sprout is capable to make the plan, to observe terms execute niya of tasks Persistence in achievement purposes Ability to aim, to the sla to give to it and not to distract on foreign affairs The first grader can execute task to make a break.The teenager can save up money, to buy that that important An ibkost Ability to reconsider plans at emergence to a pra pyatstviye, failures, new infor mation or mistakes.Adaptation to the changing conditions The small child can at to sposablivatsya to changes in plans without big a perezhiva niya.The teenager is capable to accept alternative option, napr measures other work, when the first the option is inaccessible Metaknowledge Ability to take a step on the back and to estimate itself and a situation from outside, to analyse solution.

Then he starts

Besides, we begin training in reading along with training in the letter.When we we show to the child a letter and we say the sound corresponding to it, it fixes an image of this letters by sight, and also muskulno tactile feeling.Then he starts associating the sound with the badge corresponding to it, connects a sound with a graphic sign.But time it sees and learns letters, he already reads; and time he feels them, he writes.Thus his mind perceives together two acts which later, in process of its development, will be divided and will make two various process reading and letter.

If a foreign

In the presence of the rolling of a foreign body in the trachea during cry and cough sometimes heard popping sound.If a foreign body got into the bronchi , is paroxysmal ineffective ka shel, frightened child, restless.First aid infant .To find out, in the consciousness of the child , RUB it on the back or posledice on the shoulder .If he does not respond , start described NYM below first aid.Hard while supporting his head and neck, and bending the child back , put it on the solid blow the surface, face up, and bare him the chest.

To achieve

Undoubtedly, most strongly at such lesson in mind of the child the teacher's figure, and at all not that will be imprinted subject for the sake of which the lesson was given.To achieve a simple lesson from the teacher who received preparation in the spirit of ancient receptions business very difficult.I remember how once, having explained with big completeness and details purpose of didactic materials, I offered one from my teachers to show to children on geometrical tabs distinction between a square and triangle.The task of the teacher consisted simply in enclosing a square and a triangle, made of a tree, in the nests prepared for them.

At the mixed

Fish it is possible to include in food of the kid from months instead of meat, once a week.At the mixed feeding need of the child for calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates same, as well as at natural, therefore at selection of the dairy the mix used for a dokorm needs to calculate properly everything it compound components in g of a product and their percentage ratio.At use of the adapted mixes the requirement remains same, as at natural feeding.If as a dokorm give not adapted mixes, before introduction of a feeding up the caloric content of food has to be increased on % in comparison with natural feeding.

I wrote on a black

I wrote on a black board Whether You wish well to me?Children slowly read this phrase aloud, for a moment stopped as if reflected, and then exclaimed Yes!yes!Then I am a napisa la In that case behave quietly and watch me.Children read the phrase loudly, nearly shout, but hardly terminated as the solemn silence broken only by a scratch was established chairs which children moved to take seat more conveniently.So between them and me communication by means of written language the phenomenon was established, extremely interested children.

Add the matching

The development of the sense of rhythm and rhymes Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyming.Add the matching rhyme the same number of syllables.Says an adult child Says Vlad bought a pencil case, al al al al al al.Skiing is then put into the case, ol ol ol, ol ol ol.Neil floors and walls washed, was b was b was b, was b was b was b.Milk and the calf, drank, Il Il Il Il Il Il.The dog had polar and fell asleep, str str str str str Ul.Cat naughty all crumpled hat, JAL JAL JAL, JAL JAL JAL.

To peel carrots, largely

To scald tomatoes boiled water, to husk and cut segments.To lay last layer.In a glass of hot water to dissolve salt and to pour out in a pan.To add bay leaf.To remove from fire and to remove bay leaf.Beef boiled with carrots Beef g, carrots piece, onion piece, salt to taste.To wash up, fill in meat with boiled water and to cook to semireadiness.To peel carrots, largely to cut and add together with the bulb cut on parts.To salt and cook to full readiness.To remove from fire and to cut for the portion.

In winter

Olga loves Baba Lyuba.Olya on gives the patient Baba Lyuba drops, tablets, water in a glass.As I saw a lot tablets on the table, Olenka started crying and said, Grandma!I can drink for those BOJ all the tablets, not only you pain!AT THE RINK Roofing and Vitalik always played together.In winter they skated on the ice, molded the snowman was shot down long icicles.Roofing and Vitalik themselves filled the house skating rink.On the roller skated together children from the neighbouring houses.Put on the skates and small Lenya.


What can parents make?Very invitingly at this age a feather to begin to control the child and to check homework partly PART I.CAPABLE, BUT SCATTERED because children strive for bigger independence.Organizatsion ny skills of some children help them to control themselves, but mno gy are not ready to it yet.It is necessary to understand, to what category gets your child.If he is not ready yet, it is better to ask every day at it about homework to remind of longterm projects napr measures to hang out the schedule in a visible place in the house and to be interested, as it is going to prepare to control and to examinations.

Still the child

Ability to move, acquired by it here, will be it is useful for it all life.Still the child he learns to behave, properly, using in the same time the full freedom.The head mistress of Children's home in Milan built under one of windows the long, narrow shelf on which the figure put little tables with metal geometrical mi, applied at the first lessons of drawing see chapter about preparation for the letter.But the shelf was it is too narrow, and often it happened that children, choosing a figure, dropped one of little tables on a floor, with big noise overturning the metal figures lying on it.

Crude tomato

Salad juice without impurity it is possible to recommend to ml a day.Combinations are successful with carrots juice , carrots and cucumber , carrots and pomegranate .Salad juice combinations to apple juice are effective or with tomato juice.The tomato juice favourite strengthening, refreshing and satisfying thirst drink.Crude tomato juice is much more useful, than tinned.In it the strong phytoncides suppressing processes remain fermentation and rotting in intestines.

Before giving

To add to weight sour cream, crude egg yolks, salt, everything is good to mix, put the shaken up and again to mix proteins.To spread out weight to portion pieces on a frying pan, greased with fat and strewed with crackers, or on a baking sheet to strew grated cheese and to bake in a zharochny case.Before giving to water with butter, sour cream.Veal boiled with a garnish Veal g, carrots piece, onions pieces, a parsley root piece.To ship veal in the boiling water, to add aromatic korenye and to cook at weak boiling of , hour.

That helped? At your

That helped?At your child many gases depart?The food goes on a gullet easily or hardly, as often the child defecates, and what character of a chair?Whether Otrygivayet child?As it is frequent, through what time after feeding and with by what force?Whether there is at your kid a rash from diapers, what it?Whether is at it red ringshaped rash round an anus it specifies on hypersensibility to food.Write the report on your house means that helps, and that no.

Children have

These matters a miscellaneous grades the velvet, silk, wool and paper fabrics painted in bright colors.Many fabrics motley, in points, in strips, in the Scottish cages.Children have to learn coloring of a matter; it induces them to notice colors of matters in which people are dressed, and to analyze the various colors of the same matter.At last, the German dolls, knitted of color wool, serve the same educational purpose.We do them of an old stocking we note a nose and eyes black wool, and a mouth red; clothes we do of dissolution, and the ringlets which are turning out from it represent mix of the diverse flowers.

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Assume the diagnosis.Whether can cause the products used by you containing gas surplus it at the child?Any skilled mother nursing knows that she cannot use, that the child had no gripes.The list of undesirable food includes vegetables, promoting formation of gas, dairy products, some the grains and nuts, products containing caffeine.But tummy swelling can be caused in the child not only that eats mother, but also how the child eats.An overfeeding one of frequent hidden reasons of formation of excess of gases.Consumption of too large number milk can cause allocation in a gas stomach when splitting lactose.

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Of course, a leaf of a Whatman paper for such on the sobiya will not be enough.Buy a roll to a desha vy wallpaper.TRAVEL IN TIME From time to time on a tape it is possible ustra to vat thematic exhibitions travel in time not important, what Mas the tape one eyelids or is a lot of staff.Having bought an inexpensive coloring on history of fashion or development of aircraft, raspo lay down along all tape having fixed pins, an adhesive tape or having enclosed in pockets from photo albums images in a chronological order.It is possible to fix reproductions on cards different artists; the photos representing history of architecture of your city or whole world; portraits of governors or celebrities scientists, writers, muzykan t, seafarers, athletes and so on; the pictures displaying history of inventions or opening for example from a goose quill to a felttip pen, from a splinter to a gapogenovy lamp; inscriptions with names of favourite books of the child and so on.


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